Meet the Hewitts

We're  the third and fourth generation to have stewardship of "Glenmoral",  while "Charvel" has been in the care of the Hewitt family for three  generations. 

A  diverse lot, we have broadly ranging skills and interests. But we share  one thing: a deep love for our home and the work we do in caring for it  and the animals and crops we grow. 

While we all do a bit of everything and share responsibility for many areas of the business; we each have areas we focus on: 


Fraser Hewitt

Engineering, maintenance & 

repairs, hay. 


Finley Hewitt

Cattle, horses, property improvements


Keelan Hewitt

Cropping, irrigation, harvesting


Alan Hewitt

Leading from the front, contracts & sales


The whole crew... 

The support of Leah, Caitlyn and Madi for their husbands is a vital part of all we do. And these precious kids are a big part of why we do what we do. 


Tracey Hewitt

Finance, accounts, administration. 

(Also moonlights as an artist + writer at